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Career Services helps with students’ Major Decision


Matt Olson, Copy Editor

The Seminar

Wednesday Oct. 7, TWU’s Career Services will host its seminar “It’s a Major Decision! How to Select a Major That Excites You.” The event will be held in Student Union room 113 from 2:30-3:30 p.m.

Assistant Director of Career Services Sherri Williams said in an email: “Choosing a major assists students with academic and career planning. After selecting a major, students can better prepare for the types of classes they will need and develop a better understanding of their career options.”

She added: “Choosing a major also assists with the retention of students. Students who know their career direction are more likely to continue their education.”

The seminar will explain to students the process of deciding on a major. Williams stated: “It also includes information regarding online resources that can assist with this process as well as information regarding the ways that Career Services can help.”


Williams stressed the importance of students’ choosing a major, but she suggested first-year students should not rush their decisions. She shared: “First-year students should use their first-year of college to explore their career options and should select a major by the beginning of their sophomore year.”

Statistically Speaking

Williams suggested that students’ changing majors was not at all uncommon. She said: “I would estimate that approximately 50 to 70 percent of undergraduate students change their major at least once. Some studies even indicate that most students will change their majors at least three times before they graduate.”

For Additional Information

Williams concluded: “The event is being promoted through social media, through Career Services and TWU faculty and staff.  For further information about the seminar, students can call Career Services at 940-898-2950.” Career Services can also be found on Facebook at TWU Career Services ( and on Twitter at @CareerTWU.

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