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Student Teacher

Recognized for outstanding teaching performances

Nadiyah Suleiman, Page Editor

Bailey Greenslade
Bailey Greenslade

Senior Interdisciplinary Studies major with minors in Education and Special Education Bailey Greenslade is a recipient of the College of Professional Education student award for Outstanding Student Teacher.

Students honored with this award are nominated by a university supervisor or mentor teacher. Greenslade was nominated by both her university supervisor and by her student-teaching mentor teacher. In an email, Greenslade stated: “I felt very honored to be one of the recipients of this award; I was very honored just to know that I was nominated. It was a good feeling to know that in my student teaching I was making an impact worthy of recognition.”

The nominees must exhibit clear communication skills, professionalism, a promotion of learning, the ability to design engaging activities, as well as maintaining an efficient management plan that encourages respectful behavior. Greenslade plans to receive a teaching certification for EC-6 Generalist and Special Education.

Greenslade shared: “My approach to student teaching was to go in with my best foot forward, with a positive attitude, and ready to put every effort I had in. This experience has been one of my greatest learning experiences during my time at TWU and I think taking full advantage of being in the classroom setting, teaching lessons, and having a mentor to ask questions and model from has been one of the most real-world experiences that TWU could provide for the teacher education program.”

Nomination to the Outstanding Student Teacher Award automatically nominates students for the Texas Directors of Field Experiences Student Teacher Award which has a more rigorous application process including essays, two recommendation letters, transcripts, and a 30 minute video of the applicant teaching. The recipient of this award will be announced in August of this year. Other awards given out to student teachers are Student Intern, Student Research and Student Service.

In a concluding statement, Greenslade said: “Lastly, if I had to give any advice to a future teacher going through this program I’d tell them to always put their best foot forward, always take the leap and try new things, and always have an open mind and open heart.”

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