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Speech-language pathology graduate students learn by doing

Johnna Headley, Copy Editor

First-hand experience

The TWU Speech-Language and Hearing Clinic will be offering several camps through a summer program to the community starting on June 13 and running through July 21.

TWU Master’s level graduate students lead the camps and are directly supervised by ASHA certified and Texas licensed speech-language pathologists.

The summer speech camps provide the graduate students with a remarkable experience that kick-starts their careers as speech-language pathologists.

How clinics help students

Clinic Director and Assistant Clinical Professor Melissa Stockholm shared: “It gives them a different perspective of therapy. The fall and spring semester of graduate school is more individualized, whereas this gives the [graduate students] the exposure of working in a group setting. The summer camps put them in a naturalistic setting.”

Stockholm added: “They are applying what they are learning throughout therapy and it gives them that extra stimulation and exposure to what they are working on.”

Each student takes the leadership role for a given day and they all work together to make lesson plans and get the materials together to lead the kids in the camp. SLP Program Coordinator and Assistant Clinical Professor Laura Moorer-Cook added: “One of the benefits is that the students take on a leadership role with their peers and they find out what their strengths and weaknesses are.”

Camps and Clinics

The camps included in the summer program are the Preschool Language Camp, Language and Feeding with Friends, Preschool Articulation and Language Services, Listening and Oral Language, Childhood Apraxia and Motor Planning, individual therapy and assessments.

There will also be a Literacy and Learning Language Clinic for the deaf and hard-of-hearing.

Visit for more information about the Speech-Language and Hearing Clinic, summer camps, fees schedule, discounts and contact information.

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