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Exam tips

As the midterm season persists at Texas Woman’s University, students may begin to feel the pressure on their shoulders as they study for their upcoming exams. At TWU, there are several ways in order to study for upcoming midterms.

  1. Find a good study space

One of the ways to productively study is to find a good study space. According to the University of Southern Queensland, a good study space matters because it can ensure that a student works efficiently. At TWU, there are several spaces where students can study, such as the Blagg-Huey Library and the Student Union.

  1. Repetition

Repetition is an important part of studying because it helps students remember and digest the information for a longer period of time, according to the CPD Certification Service. One of the ways that students can do this is by writing down the information they have learned after studying, and by doing this, they can see the information they have learned and visualize it during their test.

  1. Create a Study System

Students should create a study system. One way to do this is by separating the study material into sections based on what they need to study, then breaking it down into days and setting a time limit of how many hours the student will be studying the material.

  1. Take frequent breaks

While studying, it is also important to take frequent breaks. During that time, students will be able to take a mental break, as well as grab a bite to eat in order to fuel their bodies. According to Cornell University, taking breaks is important because an individual’s ability to stay productive will help them focus better. 

  1. Process of Elimination

While taking a test, one way to help find the correct answer is to use the process of elimination. It helps students eliminate the wrong answers and helps them find the correct answer more easily, according to Dynamis Learning

  1. Look closely at the wording of the question/and or answer(s) while taking the test

This strategy is helpful in many ways because it can also help students figure out what the question is asking them to do. At the same time, it helps students figure out what answers might be the wrong choice based on one word and leaves them with the possible right answers.

  1. Stop Second Guessing

One of the biggest mistakes that students make while they are taking a test is second-guessing themselves. According to the American Psychological Association, second-guessing can lead to negative mental health where an individual begins to feel anxious and can lead to low self-esteem. While students are taking their exams, they should attempt to stop this habit and try to remain as calm as possible in order to have a higher chance of finding the right answer and to finish the test on time.

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