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So, I said no to the Greek

Colorful and decorated Greek life organization letters stand proud in front of Hubbard Hall. (Photo by Chuck Greenslade)
Colorful and decorated Greek life organization letters stand proud in front of Hubbard Hall. (Photo by Chuck Greenslade)

Where I come from, every girl cannot wait to get to college and join a sorority. They start looking into colleges with the best Greek life, finding cute monogrammed shirts, and chatter nonstop about recruitment week, which was why I decided to look into possibly joining a sorority here at TWU.

At orientation, I was excited for the organization fair because I wanted to find ways to get involved on campus. Three sororities stood out to me more than anything, and throughout the summer I decided to research each sorority to see if it was for me. In this process, I found out many different interesting facts about each sorority and what made each one unique.

The week of Pioneer Camp, I decided to sign-up for formal recruitment after I met a group of ladies from Alpha Omicron Pi who answered all of my questions that I probably asked 500 times before, with complete honesty. Of course, I had to deal with my family saying things about hazing and fitting in. Not once did I let their comments affect my decision to rush.

Normal Recruitment was nothing like I expected though; it was better. I loved the experience I was given. Each sorority brought their own specialty to every party I attended and my favorite part was having one-on-one time with a girl who was already a part of the sorority. The moment I sat down at one party I felt at home. I felt like I could fit in with no problem and be just like them and all those comments my family members had made were all wrong.

I also met many girls who were rushing just like I was and we got along well. The evening of each meet and greet party, we were given a financial sheet of what it would cost to join their sorority as we waited for the treasurers to come and speak to us. That was the moment reality hit me. Could I really take on something else that involves a lot of time and money in my life at this moment in time? I am already a full time college student, working a job at The Lasso, and commuting home every weekend for family reasons. Was I really ready?

That evening I talked with my mom and she said “Brit, there is always a time for something. But maybe this isn’t your time. If it is the money you are worried about don’t — we can find ways to pay it. Yet if it is the time, that is on you. You are the only person in this world that knows what you can handle and if you know you can’t handle this right now then wait. If it is meant for you to be a part of a sorority your chance will come again.”  I took her words of advice and released myself from the rest of rush weekend.

It was not anyone’s fault or doings that made me change my mind. It was a decision I made for myself. Here at Texas Woman’s University our sororities are nothing compared to the typical stereotype everyone talks about. They make you feel like you are just as important as the next person. “Greek Life” is given a bad reputation because not everyone takes the chance to understand the purpose.

I also met girls during recruitment week with whom I am still friends. So whether you join or not you will meet new people who might become your lifelong friends. I’m glad I took the chance I did. If later in life I get the opportunity to rush again, I hope to join Greek life.

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