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Rest and destress at Tranquil Tuesdays

TWU Dallas students: you have three weeks left!

  Now through Oct. 31, Dallas Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS-Dallas) psychologists are leading exercises centered on restoration and relaxation every Tuesday from 12 to 1 p.m. in 8720.

Assistant Director of Dallas and Houston CAPS and Licensed Psychologist Dr. Linda Louden says, “Our goal is to help students experience the benefits of stress management and anxiety management tools, practice them weekly, and hopefully learn to use them on their own when they need them. Ideally, after time at Tranquil Tuesdays they can resume their day feeling recharged.”

According to Louden, Tranquil Tuesdays originated from a student focus group held on the Houston campus by Associate Vice President for Student Enrichment, Health and Support Dr. Stephanie Brown.

“Students expressed a desire for more programming that supports their efforts to care for themselves while they navigate the stress of their rigorous programs and life challenges,” Louden said. CAPS-Dallas adopted Tranquil Tuesdays on the Dallas campus to accommodate the specific needs of Dallas students.

Louden explains that these exercises have a range of benefits that are tailored to fit those in Allied Health programs.

Louden: “The nature of the Allied Health programs are that they are cognitively, physically, and emotionally demanding, and the students who gravitate to them are often very high achievers who experience pressure to earn strong grades. In addition, we know our students still have lives going on outside of school that don’t slow down, and this presents additional challenges. Tranquil Tuesdays offers students the chance to leave the demands and pressure behind for just a little while and engage in calming, soothing, and relaxing activity.” 

You may be wondering: What exactly does a “relaxation exercise” entail? Louden provides an overview of exactly what attending students may expect.

Louden: “CAPS provides coloring pages while calming music plays in the background. Mindful coloring is one of many anxiety and stress management techniques that have been proven to soothe the sympathetic nervous system and engage our rest and relax response, enhancing the similar benefits of the calming music. After everyone is gathered, we begin a 15-20 minute guided meditation that combines deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, and imagery.”

At the conclusion of the meditation session, students are welcome to go about their day or continue coloring until 1.

Stop by 8720 to catch this semester’s remaining Tranquil Tuesdays on Oct. 17, Oct. 24 and Oct. 31 from 12 to 1 p.m.

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