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Outstanding TWU Graduating Seniors – Madeline Potter

Visual Arts Major – Concentration Photography

Matt Olson, Copy Editor

creditDSC_0005Photography senior Madeline Potter has been distinguished within her program as an outstanding senior. Potter has made significant contribution to campus arts and the photography department.

Her accomplishments include a show in the 010 Gallery and showings in the Black Box Gallery in Portland, Oregon, and 500X Gallery in Dallas, where she participated in the 500X Student EXPO 2015. Potter’s 010 showing was titled “We Live in Boxes,” and it was held in the campus gallery from September 21 to October 2. Her Black Box Gallery showing was titled “Focus: The Portrait,” and it was shown in the gallery from March 1 – 20.  Her 500X showing was titled “Contemplating the Temporal: Stress” and was held early this year, from February 14 to March 8.

Addressing the material in her showings, Potter said: “I wanted to focus on young adults who have feelings of no roots, they’re in limbo. They’re not out in the real world, and the idea of the real world is scary. You feel entrapped and isolated.”

She said of her artwork: “I usually photograph mundane things, but I like to elevate them to a certain level of mystery. I look for the light. I use odd compositions, and I like to create tension.”

Additionally, Potter managed to garner accomplishments in her time on campus. She is the president of the campus Photographic Arts Coalition, and she works as an assistant in the photography laboratory.

Potter summarized her memories at TWU: “I have so many. When I think of fond memories, I think of my sister and her roommate, who was also my best friend, being here together. I’ve been here for five and a half years. I was in the dorms for two years, and that’s really fun. Being surrounded by the community itself has been a big part of the experience. I’ve been close with my professors, and I’ve made a lot of friends in arts and photography. The connections you make, you maintain. In the arts building and the honors program, the professors are always asking you about how you’re doing and what your experience is. They don’t force you to do anything that they think is best for you. I’ve really enjoyed learning how to be the artist.”

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