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Outstanding TWU Graduating Seniors – Lara Trad

Visual Arts Major – Concentration Graphic Design

Sierra Taylor, Managing Editor

creditLaraTradLara Trad is graduating with a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design. Originally from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Trad said she chose to attend TWU because she liked the graphic design environment that the art department offered.

Trad shared: “[TWU] has helped me a lot through encouraging me to try and think critically. The school has helped me develop the way I think of design, which inspired me a lot and improved my design skills.”

She explained that her love for art is what made her chose to pursue a degree in graphic design.

Trad said: “My family loved my paintings and all art pieces I made, so they encouraged me to choose an art major that would improve my skills and help me become an artist as I always loved to be.”

The biggest inspiration for Trad while she was going through school was her husband, Amr Najjar.

Trad explained: “I am so grateful for all that he has done for me since the beginning of my journey. I would also like to show him my respect and appreciation for his support whenever I have encountered an obstacle.”

When asked about her experience as an international student at TWU, Trad said: “Speaking about the people here, to be honest, they are awesome and very respectful. Most of them welcomed me with open hearts and arms. My pleasure and respect to everyone I have ever met or known at TWU.”

Associate Professor of the Visual Arts Department Jana Perez said: “Lara is an international student who has juggled raising a child, a marriage, her education, freelance design and finally, returning to TWU after summer break without husband and child – solely to finish her education.”

Perez added: “Trad’s exceptional talent and craft in design inspires all students, and her willingness to share things she has learned makes her a leader in the classroom.”

Trad added that TWU has trained her to be a strong designer and has given her the opportunity to express all her skills and improve them frequently. She plans on using her degree to pursue better jobs and opportunities in her home country.

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