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Outstanding TWU Graduating Seniors – Cristina Zuniga

Visual Arts Major – Concentration Graphic Design

Emily Nickles, Page Editor

creditCristinaZunigaCristina Zuniga is graduating with a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts with a concentration in Graphic design. She graduated with her Associates in Art in 2008 with a focus in Photography. Zuniga shares that her inspiration for choosing photography and then graphic design came from her brother: “I’ve always seen him as the artist of the family. He can paint, draw, and he can sew. He can do everything, but he doesn’t do Adobe Software, so he’s not at the level of the things that I can do on the computer. He inspired me to want to do art that I can do.”

Zuniga is the first in her family to receive a Bachelor’s degree and has worked a fulltime job since graduating from high school. As the first in the family to receive a degree, she says: “I’m one of five kids, and I’m the middle child. I’m the first one to actually go for it and get it. […] I knew that, but it’s kind of cool to see that they actually see that too. Even my aunt is coming [from Mexico].”

Associate Professor of the Visual Arts Department Jana Perez stated: “Cristina has garnered multiple scholarships and holds leadership roles in [American Institute of Graphic Arts] TWU (student graphic design org) and Delta Phi Delta (visual arts honor society). […] She is an organized talented team leader in and outside the classroom.”

In light of her success and experience as a student juggling fulltime work and a personal life, Zuniga shares what she has learned: “Don’t set your mind to one subject. […] I was lucky enough to explore because I was taking courses at community colleges, and I was able to explore my possibilities of what I wanted to do. […] If you want to take that course, take it. If you want to do something, just do it. Don’t second guess yourself, just go for it.”

Zuniga hopes to pursue a career in graphic design with a business advertising angle. Personally, Zuniga has always been passionate about writing a children’s book and now that she has graphic design experience she shared, “Maybe now I can set forth in making a book a reality, to be able to write it and illustrate it myself.” She also hopes to eventually move to either Seattle or England and then will seek an MFA in Photography.

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