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Lecture on Human Trafficking to be held

Dixie Hairston (Photo courtesy of
Dixie Hairston (Photo courtesy of

On Sept. 23 from 3- 4 p.m, Students Against Trafficking and Slavery will be hosting an event to raise awareness of human trafficking.

“Human Trafficking 101: How It Affects OUR Community and What WE Can Do About It” is a lecture by Demand Abolition Coordinator, Dixie Hairston.

Hairston received a Master’s degree in Social Work with a specialization in political social work from the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work and has been working with Children at Risk DFW since November 2014.

President of Students Against Trafficking and Slavery, Katie Kellet said: “The goal for the event is to raise awareness about the issues of human trafficking in our community.” 

She added: “A lot of people don’t realize that it’s so prevalent right here in Dallas and in Houston as well.”

According to Kellet, there are a lot of different angles that these victims need our help with. For instance, the legal aspect, prevention programs and even sociologists study and try to get to the bottom of why this happening and how we can stop it from happening.

Students Against Human Trafficking and Slavery is a fairly new organization on campus, and this is their first event.

Kellet added: “I think human trafficking is really relevant to a lot of our fields of study. Under no circumstance should any girl at any age should be forced to have sex with anybody and she is basically a slave. I think it is definitely an issue that everyone should be aware of.”

If you are looking to get involved with Students Against Trafficking and Slavery check out their social media at TWU Students Against Trafficking and Slavery on Facebook and at @SatsTWU on Twitter.

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