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Lasso staff reviews Girl Scout Cookies

The staff at The Lasso share their favorite cookie and why to help you plan your purchases.

Lasso Editorial Staff, compiled by Sierra Taylor, Managing Editor

girlscoutcookiesFor nearly 100 years, the Girl Scouts have been the center of a cookie craze.

The annual cookie sale has begun and you can find girls in green sashes selling boxes across North Texas. The Lasso Staff took it upon themselves to taste the famous cookies and share their favorites.

Amber Robertson: My favorite Girl Scout Cookies are Tagalongs because peanut butter and chocolate make the greatest couple. Add a little crunch in there, and you’re golden.

Amanda Hall: I can’t pick a favorite! I love the Thin Mints and Samoas. I like both of them because of the chocolate content. Samoas are one of my favorites because it has a crunchy cookie, chocolate, coconut and caramel, all of which combine into a chocolatey cookie goodness. Thin Mints are also my favorites because the ratio of chocolate to mint flavor is just right. The Thin Mints flavor is extra good when cold. I love to put them in the freezer.

Nadiyah Suleiman: Thin Mints. I normally don’t like minty candy, but the chocolate crisp or cookie and chocolate coating create a wonderful crunch and taste that leaves a faint, lingering hint of mint that isn’t overpowering. I first discovered I liked Thin Mints after I stole several cookies from my sister’s “secret stash” that she had hidden. I enjoyed them so much that I kept coming back for more and more cookies which ultimately led to my downfall as I was caught in the act and she moved her stash.

Johnna Headley: My favorite of the Girl Scout Cookies are the Tagalongs. It is just the right balance between the chocolate covering and smooth layer of peanut butter to sink your teeth into.

Emily Nickles: I’ve never been a Girl Scout, but my family has always bought cookies during fundraising season. It’s interesting to me how my family relates to the cookie they like. My mom likes thin mints, sharp and fresh; my dad loves Samoas, crumbly and sweet underneath; my grandmother Trefoils, old fashioned paired with memories; my brother Do-si-do’s, he’s a little hard to swallow; and me, I love all of them.

Matt Olson: Trefoils have always been my favorite Girl Scout Cookies. They’re sweet but not sugary and simple but not bland. They probably taste better with peanut butter than Do-Si-Dos, too. The Savannah Smiles cookies were also surprisingly good, with a tasty lemon and powdered sugar coating.

Sierra Taylor: Traditionally, my go to cookie is a Thin Mint, but recently I have been introduced to a new favorite. Savannah Smiles is the perfect cookie for me. The light zesty lemon taste topped with powdered, sugar creates the perfect taste combination. They are perfect to pair with a cup of warm tea.

Girl Scout Cookies have become an American tradition. Most of us share a memory of growing up and eating Girl Scout Cookies with friends or family. Whether or not they’re superb in texture and flavor or just plain mediocre, they have gained a spot in edible history.

The annual cookie sale is on for a limited time, so be sure to order as many as you need while you still can.

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