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Hub for women in business

Before she was inaugurated, TWU Chancellor and President Dr. Carine Feyten asked every department about special programs they may be interested in if funding was available to them. 

The School of Management created a proposal that was brought before the State Legislature’s Appropriations Committee in October of 2014. In May of 2015, Gov. Gregg Abbott approved the two-year budget of $2.2 million for TWU’s Hub for women in business. 

The Hub’s mission is “to help women open, manage and succeed in creating new businesses,” and to boost Texas to be No. 1 in the U.S. for women in business. Executive Director of the Hub for women in business, Dr. Tina Mims explained: “We are choosing to do a three program approach for students, community and research.” 

Last spring, the Hub opened a scholarship for first year and master level graduate students who aspire to own a business in the future. Additional requirements include a set minimum ACT and SAT score and high school or undergraduate GPA. 

The annual scholarship offers up to $6,500 to aide tuition and fees per year, and can be renewed for up to four years, for a possibility of $26,000.

The Hub scholarships are currently only available for students on the Denton campus, but will be expanded to the Dallas and Houston campus students in the future. 

The first group of Minerva Scholars will participate in training opportunities including workshops, mentorship and coaching, provided by the Hub. The disciplines between the undergraduate and graduate scholars range from Nutrition and Kinesiology to History and Child Development. 

The Hub’s opportunities are university wide and available to students of all disciplines on all three campuses and are not limited to the scholars. For the Dallas and Houston campuses, live-streamed meetings can be utilized for interested students. 

The Hub will be holding a competition for students who have an idea of how they can better the world. After developing their solutions over the fall semester, students’ submissions will be evaluated by entrepreneurs, inventors and professionals. A select few will be brought in to showcase their ideas and solutions, with tuition and fee prizes ranging from $500 to $1,500. The competition will be available for students regardless of campus location. 

Informational kickoff parties have been scheduled for each campus. The Denton campus kickoff party was held Sept. 7 the Dallas kickoff will be held today, Sept. 8, and the kickoff parties will wrap up at the Houston campus on Thursday, Sept. 15.

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