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Final Fight hosts live-action adventure

Sierra Taylor, Managing Editor

Zombies are scattered along the Final Fight laser tag course.
Zombies are scattered along the Final Fight laser tag course.

Test your zombie apocalypse survival skills with friends this weekend at Final Fight in Sanger, Texas.

Final Fight is a laser tag course that offers an experience like no other, but every weekend in October, they also offer a special Zombie laser tag game.

Two different courses are offered to test your zombie extermination skills. A single mission cost $15 while both missions cost $20.

Cathy Sharp of Final Fight shared that when attendees first arrive, they are first sent down to their “gun shack” and issued a weapon. The instructor will then disclose your mission and send you on the trail.

Sharp added: “You are given a flashlight on the rifle, and that is the only light you have on the course. It’s a little bit of a maze, you go through some of our faux buildings that are out there and you are trying to kill all of the zombies and make your way back out of the course.”

According to Sharp, the weapons are replica enforce, which means, they are the same weight and they have a similar kick and look of a real gun.  The only difference is that there is an orange tip on it, and it is loaded with carbon dioxide instead of ammo.

Sharp shared: “If you go through the course, it’s so intense from beginning to end. You are walking through, and you don’t have any idea where you are headed, or where the zombies are going to come from. The course has a lot of dead ends and sharp turns, so you are kind of disoriented and there are zombies coming at you from every which direction.”

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