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Ethnic food in Denton

Eating your way around the world in your own backyard

Sierra Taylor, Managing Editor

foodaroundtheworldIf you are craving ethnic food from across the world but cannot afford to hop on a plane to jet to a distant land, a few restaurants in Denton might be able to help you.

Whether you are craving pho from Vietnam or pad thai from Thailand, Mr. Chopsticks is the place for you. Mr. Chopsticks offers a large variety of Asian food dishes to satisfy your craving without the jet lag.

Any true Texan knows where to get the best Mexican without crossing the Rio Grande. In Denton, the place to satisfy your craving for queso is El Matador. They offer great Tex-Mex with fast and friendly service. The cheesy  beef enchiladas are the perfect way to get your grub on without crossing the border.

The best Italian food in town is Giuseppe’s Italian Restaurant tucked away in an old Victorian home on Locust Street owned by a chef from central Italy. Opened only for dinner, the atmosphere is great, but the food is even better. The tortellini bolognese or blackened shrimp scampi is the perfect way to stuff yourself on authentic Italian food without a passport.

Abbey Inn Restaurant and Pub is the best place to grab fish and chips without jumping the pond. The pub atmosphere and English style breakfast makes this a great destination for your next brunch.

If you are craving a gyro or baba ghanouj, Yummy’s Greek Restaurant lives up to its name. The moussaka has the perfect mix of baked eggplant and ground sirloin that will fulfill any need for Mediterranean food.

We might not all be able drop our responsibilities to travel the world, but eating authentic cuisine in your own town can make you feel like you are on the other side of the globe.

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