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Enjoy an Outdoor Adventure

Students gather around a campfire during one of Fit & Rec's Outdoor Adventure trips. (Photo courtesty of TWU Fit & Rec)
Students gather around a campfire during one of Fit & Rec’s Outdoor Adventure trips. (Photo courtesty of TWU Fit & Rec)

As a part of the Fitness and Recreation Center, the Outdoor Adventure program became an addition in 2011. Fitness and Recreation Assistant Director Karrie Fletcher stated: “The Outdoor Adventure Program was created in 2010 as a result of a survey sent out to students regarding what they wanted in the new Fitness and Recreation Center, which was completed in 2011. The program offers low-cost activities and programs to encourage students to get active in the outdoors.”

The Outdoor Adventure program provides many different opportunities to TWU students, faculty and community. TWU students can participate in day and overnight trips, clinics, introductory classes and equipment rental opportunities.

The Outdoor Adventure program has gone on numerous day and overnight trips in the past. Some trips include skiing in Canada, white water rafting in Colorado, snorkeling in the Virgin Islands, scuba diving in Hawaii, and hiking the Clinique Terra in Italy.  Trips are exclusive to TWU students and affordable.

Another feature the Outdoor Adventure offers are clinics and introductory classes. Fletcher shared: “[They] provide basic information and practical experiences on topics related to the outdoors.”

Since TWU entered in the Outdoor National Challenge, a big spotlight has been put on the Outdoor Adventure program in the best way possible. Fletcher said: “The challenge has really highlighted the activities that [Outdoor Adventure] has to offer. The equipment has been rented frequently during the competition, and several people have emailed about the upcoming day trips we have this semester, wanting to get involved in them.” TWU is currently in third place out of 57 schools and has the most participants compared to every school involved.

TWU graduate student Marisa Martinez has many positive things to say about the program and Assistant Director Fletcher.  In the Summer of 2013, Martinez found information about a trip to Chicago that was to take place the following semester but was unable to go due to conditions with her physical health. Martinez said: “Outdoor Adventure proved to be just the motivation I needed. I have since dropped my weight, blood pressure, and lab readings to normal level…I am infinitely grateful to Karrie and her Outdoor Adventure program for correcting my perspective and quite literally saving my life. Without the motivation the program provided me, I would be dealing with some very serious medical issues today.” Martinez has participated in trips to San Fransisco, London and Paris.

Fletcher and Martinez both urge TWU students to continue logging their activities and accessing the opportunities the Outdoor Adventure program provides. Fletcher concluded: “I think if we can rally together and get everyone to start logging their activities, we could really have a chance to win this challenge. One of the most important outcomes of this challenge so far is that it is motivating people to get active.”

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