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Dallas Student Life hosts health specific events

TWU’s Dallas students received a warm welcome to campus last week by the Student Life department who wish to continue serving student with opportunities and events throughout the year. 

Considering students in Dallas seek future careers in the healthcare field, the Department of Student Life seeks to provide opportunities students on the Denton campus would find, along with opportunities that correlate directly to Dallas student’s future careers. 

In a phone interview with The Lasso, Student Development Specialist Taylor Dukes explained: “We are here as a resource for [students]. Student Life works closely with our counseling center, and we’re trying to provide programs and resources so they are able to get the most out of their experience here at TWU Dallas. We want them to have a full college experience while supporting them in their health care provider career journey.” 

In the past, the Department of Student Life has hosted Cultural Cafés, social events and workshops that aim to help students in their personal lives as well as their professional lives. Including a Global Care workshop, held to help students understand diversity and how to relate with clients in their future. 

According to Dukes, the Global Care workshop: “empowers [students] to be better healthcare providers, so they’re able to connect and work with clients and coworkers from all types of backgrounds.” 

Student-lead organizations on the Dallas campus and the Student Government Association all serve the students on their campus as if they were students at any university, but continue to cater specifically to students’ interests related to healthcare. 

Dukes shared: “Our students are very focused and driven, and we have very rigorous programs here on the campus so we want to make sure the programs we are providing are also relating back to future careers they are going in to.” 

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