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Dallas Campus: CCC Hosting Best Practices to ACE the Interview Event

On Tuesday, Jan. 30, the Career Connections Center will be holding an event, Best Practices to ACE the Interview, from 12 to 1 p.m. at the Dallas campus. The event will be free for all TWU students, and it will focus on teaching students how to answer tricky interview questions and prepare themselves for formal interviews.

“All interviewing starts out with preparation . . . you need to know about the employer; you need to know about the job you are applying for inside and out,” said Career Consultant for the School of Management and Health Systems Management Glenn Jensen. “You also need to take a look at yourself: what you have to offer, the skills you’ve shared with that employer, so all of these things go into that initial preparation,” he continued.

Jensen also stressed that each interview will be unique to itself, and prospective employees should know the format of the interview and how the company goes about hiring its employees when preparing for the interview. He also stressed the importance of having 6 to 10 questions to ask, assuming many questions will be answered throughout the process of the interview. He also advised that appearance is crucial: “The interview is the nicest and most polished that they’re ever going to see you, so it’s always downhill after that.”

Students can look forward to more personalized advice geared towards their own career paths when they attend the event.

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