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Compliance hotline

TWU partners with Lighthouse to report unethical activity

Sierra Taylor, Managing Editor

creditHotlineTWU community members now have a way to anonymously report wrongdoings they have witnessed on campus.

According to TWU website, the Ethics and Compliance Hotline allows all students and employees, including full-time, part-time, vendors and temporary help to use the hotline to disclose illegal or unethical actions or other violations of University policy. The university has hired a third-party vendor, Lighthouse Services to run the confidential, 24-hour hotline.

An individual can file a report in four different ways: a toll-free phone call to 844-406-0004 (English) and 800-216-1288 (Spanish), online at, email at, or FAX to 215-689-3885.

This hotline is not just for staff and faculty at TWU, according to Director of Compliance Deena King; students are sometimes the victims of something illegal and unethical, so this is vehicle for them to report anonymously.

If you choose to remain anonymous you can still keep in touch with Lighthouse. King added: “[Lighthouse] will give you a number that will allow you to go in and check the status of the report and see any follow-up questions the investigators may have. TWU will never find out who you are, that is the benefit of using a third-party company.”

The idea for the hotline came from the United States Sentencing Commission Guidelines, where the federal government recommends that a hotline be available to employees if they want to report wrongdoings. Compliance hotlines have been around for nearly 20 years and have slowly been becoming part of universities over the last 15 years.

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