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Commuter appreciation begins Monday

Emily Nickles, Page Editor

Commuter Appreciation WeekcreditedEvery year for as long as anyone can remember, TWU Commuter Services has put on an event each fall and spring called “Commuter Appreciation Week.” Over this past summer 2015, TWU Commuter Services has changed its name and focus to CARE for students or Campus Alliance for Resource Education. Despite the name switch, Commuter Appreciation Week will still remain the same with the aim to provide commuters with opportunities to feed their stomachs and win prizes.   

Commuter Appreciation Week is an all-inclusive event for students living off campus. According to the Common Data Set for 2014-2015, students who commute to campus in an undergraduate program make up 76% of the student population. That’s more than three-quarters of undergraduate students on the TWU campus, not including graduate students who also most likely commute. This is a TWU event that recognizes a major student population and appreciates their effort to travel and come to campus.

Commuter Breaks are being held in conjunction with Commuter Appreciation Week, though typically breaks run two times during a full month, both semesters of the year. This month, Commuter Breaks will be held in the MCL Lobby Monday, Oct. 12 and in the ASB Lobby Tuesday and MCL Lobby, Oct. 13 from 4:30-6:30 p.m. Assistant Director for Veterans and Non-Traditional Student Services Brittanie Romine shares, “We always have snacks and prizes and so it’s a really fun event for everyone to come out and eat snacks and meet each other at the tables.” 

Tuesday morning, Oct. 13 from 7:30-9:00 a.m. will be the famous Coffee Stops at the Tennis Courts, which is near the commuter parking lot north of Jones Hall. The morning of Wednesday, Oct. 14 will be the last opportunity to make a coffee stop at the commuter table in the Arts & Sciences Building. The final and favorite event will be the Commuter Appreciation Lunch which is traditionally held on the CFO lawn. This year, TWU CARE and the Denton County Transportation Authority will be sponsoring the event. The lunch will begin at 11:30 am and is free to commuter students. Romine shared, “It’s a really fun week, this is the first time I’ll be personally working it, but it’s usually a really great event.” 

In Romine’s concluding note she enthused, “I just think this is a good way to connect with our commuters, I mean I was a commuter as well, and I know it’s really nice to have these events going on.” 

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