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Chamber of Commerce empowers local women in business

By: Johnna Headley, Reporter

On Friday Oct. 16, Women in Commerce will have its annual luncheon and conference. This year’s conference is titled “Your Brand: It’s Personal.” At the conference, several guest speakers will talk about having a strong and positive personal brand that can project an image that business owners would want to be associated with. Celebrity makeup artist Tiffany Taylor will discuss “Inner Confidence and Outer Glow.” Author, CEO and President of The DW Group Denise Walters will speak about “Discovering Your Brand.” Founder of TRIESSENCE Tessa Todd Morgan will present “Reset Brake,” which will feature stress management.

Women in Commerce is a special subcommittee of the Denton Chamber of Commerce and is a joint project between the Chamber and Sally Beauty Holdings. Women in Commerce has many roles; it is designed to promote businesses, assist in professional development and create networking opportunities for businesswomen in the Denton area.

TWU Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and Associate Professor Dr. Abigail Tilton is a committee member for Women in Commerce. In an interview, Dr. Tilton provided some insight on Women in Commerce functions and explained why she believes it is important for TWU to be represented in Women in Commerce.

Tilton shared: “About two years ago, the woman who was primarily the liaison between TWU and Women in Commerce retired, and I stepped in the fill the void in the academic side of the [partnership].”

She added: “We wanted to make sure that the really strong connection between TWU and Women in Commerce was maintained. It is important to note that although TWU isn’t a female-owned business per se, we are very vital to the economic life of Denton, and I would like to think of ourselves as an economic partner with all of these businesses as well.”

Tilton also said: “Another thing I like to promote when I’m networking with these other women business owners is to highlight and discuss internship opportunities and make sure they have connections to TWU Coordinator of Internships Kurt Krause.”

Tilton discussed how TWU’s involvement with Women in Commerce could potentially support the careers of TWU graduates: “We are such an economic force in our community, and we want to be a good partner with all of these businesses because it promotes overall health of the community. We also know that a lot of our students are perhaps going to be a part of the Denton economic scene, not only if they are working here or starting their own businesses but also in terms of the internships. I think it is a natural partnership between TWU and the Chamber in general and Women in Commerce in particular.”

Also on the agenda, there are two places for ‘The Marketplace’ which is an opportunity for women who own their own businesses and are members of the chamber to set up a booth that promotes their business and sell their products.

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