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Blotter: Staff member witnessed hit and run, car damaged at Lowry Woods

DGL – An iPad was reported stolen by a staff member and was last seen in his office in the DGL building on Sept. 8 and is valued from $100 -$750.

The staff member made it clear that he will not press charges if his iPad was found. He stated that he used the “Find My” feature and saw that the iPad was at a location off campus.

This incident is currently being investigated by the officers.

Capps Hall – A report was filed on Sept. 9 by a student that she left her clothes in the Capps Hall laundry room. By the time she came back, she found that her clothes had been stolen. 

The clothes that were stolen are worth about $64. This means that because these clothes are under $100, this is deemed as a Class C offense. 

The student said that she only wants her clothes found and returned to her, and she will not press any charges. As of now, this is a pending investigation.

Lowry Woods Parking Lot – A student claimed that they parked their car in the Lowry Woods parking lot on Sept. 10, and she found her car was damaged when she returned to the parking lot according to a police report.

The suspect who caused the vehicle damages did not leave a note or their insurance information. The offense that this incident is classified as Duty on Striking an Unattended Vehicle.

Currently, investigators are searching through surveillance cameras in order to find the suspect.

1200 blk N. Austin St. – A woman hitting two cars while attempting to parallel park was witnessed by a TWU staff member on Sept. 12 at 1200 blk N. Austin St.

The witness reported that the suspect parked in the space after she hit the vehicle that was parked in front of her and behind her. After that, the suspect walked off, did not leave a note and gave no response to the TWU staff member who attempted to ask her about the situation. 

Officers looked through the surveillance of the incident, ran the woman’s registration information and discovered the identity of the suspect, and called all the phone numbers registered under her vehicle registration information. After this occurred, the suspect called the police department and identified herself as the person who hit the vehicles and informed them that she did not have insurance. She then went to the TWU police department and wrote a written statement about the vehicle incident.

As of now, this incident is ongoing and the police are not able to determine if charges will be filed.

Dallas Campus: A case of a stolen vehicle that was reported last week at the TWU Dallas Campus has been updated to the status “recovered”.

There were a total of 130 calls for service between Sept. 8 – Sept. 12. 

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