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A look at Trump’s controversial cabinet picks

What people like and don't like about the President-elect's appointments Citizens across the U.S. have been divided about President Elect Donald Trump’s picks for his White House Cabinet. Depending on the selection folks have either been delighted or disgruntled. To keep you up to date The Lasso will be breaking down

Voting laws in Texas

In November of 2016, students will be faced with the decision of having to vote, but first they must be registered in their state and county. Students must register to vote in the general election before Oct. 11, 2016. If you are registered in another county and want to vote in

Return of Kings’ antiwoman meet-up threatens international safety of women

So called “tribal meetings” of male comradarie support misogynist ideals and criticize female rights. UPDATE: As of this evening, Roosh Validazeh has cancelled the Return of Kings international meet-ups scheduled for Feb. 6. Individual groups may still meet-up without affiliation. Student Life just sent out an Official Announcement at 4:31 p.m. warning