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Namaste your way to good karma

Exhale stress, inhale good karma Feeling the stresses of the new semester creep in? Karma Yoga is hosting Yoga at the Denton County Brewing Co on Friday, Feb. 2 from 10 to 11 a.m. This event costs $5, but the proceeds of any donations go to local charities and organizations. Not an

Local Business Gives Back to Community

Communities in Need At any given point in time, there are people who get by with less than the bare necessities, people who live in inhospitable conditions and people without homes at all. Although not many people pay it any mind, there are people in need everywhere, and one local Denton

The Rise of Cryptocurrency

  Cryptocurrency: A new way to pay Although there have been many advances, it is the popularization of digital currency that is taking the world into the future of finance, and since money rules the world, this is a topic that all people should be aware of. What is cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency refers to a

Smarter Not Harder

When it comes down to it, everyone has to study if they want to be successful. Yes, some are naturally smart or test better than others, but to be truly successful, you have to study and have an established method specific to your strengths and needs. Space it out   Typically,

Career Advice and a Slice

Throughout January and February, the Career Connections Center will be holding multiple ‘Career Advice and a Slice’ events. Students can explore career opportunities with professionals and potential employers in a causal atmosphere. One or two representatives from a particular organization will be set up at individual tables, and groups of

With pet ownership comes community

When I got Luke, my half Border Collie half Australian Cattle Dog, I didn’t realize that I would be getting an entire community with him. Unlike me, an extreme introvert, Luke loves to socialize with dogs. And dogs, generally, come with owners. That means socializing is required on my part

Nursing Career Fair gives TWU Houston students opportunities to network with potential employers

Who: TWU Houston Nursing Students What: The Nursing Career Fair, sponsored by the Career Connections Center, is an opportunity for TWU Houston nursing students to introduce themselves and network with a multitude of employers. Even if junior level students are not quite ready for professional employment yet, they can take this

Tasty Tea with SUP

What's the Tea? Whether you prefer a hot cup of energizing green tea or a warm cup of mellow Earl Grey, TWU Student Union Programming’s event, called “What’s the Tea with SUP,” was the perfect mix of delicious tea, cool prizes and friendly conversation. The event, held Friday, Jan. 19, was one

Denton square recovering from 4-alarm holiday fire

Denton residents woke up the day after Christmas to unexpected news: in the early morning, the Downtown Mini Mall II had been engulfed in flames. The similar memories for longtime residents, as 23 years ago a fire on the west side of the square destroyed three businesses.   For 37 years,