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Namaste your way to good karma

Exhale stress, inhale good karma

Feeling the stresses of the new semester creep in? Karma Yoga is hosting Yoga at the Denton County Brewing Co on Friday, Feb. 2 from 10 to 11 a.m. This event costs $5, but the proceeds of any donations go to local charities and organizations.

Not an experienced Yogi? Don’t Fret

 Whether you are a yogi master, or you can barely touch your toes, Karma Yoga teaches a variety of classes that are equipped to fit all skill levels. If you find yourself needing to relax more than just on Saturdays, Karma Yoga hosts classes all week long at various Denton community locations.

Check out for more information regarding specific dates, times and locations.

No mat? No excuse

 Don’t be intimidated about what to bring-, Karma Yoga has plenty of mats available for class use, so there is no excuse to not come in and unwind.  You can feel good about doing good for your mind, body and spirit by taking time to relax and for helping out local charities and organizations, should you choose to donate. So, do the downward dog and head on down to the square to de-stress.

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