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TWU student Kelsey Smith shares how she keeps fit during the semester

With the new spring semester well underway, it can be easy to put our bodies behind in our priority list. Homework, exams and studies can take place as major priorities.

Kelsey Smith, a senior English major at TWU, shared how she keeps fit during the school year and offered useful information that all students can use. Smith shared that her inspiration comes from her past: “I’ve been overweight before. Ever since I started getting in shape, I’ve had more energy, gotten sick less and have upped my confidence. I don’t want to go back to where I was.” As for the things she does to stay in shape, Smith replied. “My workout routine generally consists of running every other day for about 30-35 minutes, roughly hitting about 3 miles with each run.”

On the days that she can’t run, however,Smith will hit the gym at the Fitness and Recreation Center. She uses “Fitness Blender,” a website that shares workout videos, workout programs and meal plans. Also, Smith has recently been doing the YouTube “POP Pilates.” She wasn’t shy when she told me, “You don’t know sore until you do 30 minutes of those videos.”

Everyone knows that dieting plays a huge part in keeping healthy and staying fit, and Smith was well aware of that. “I just try to make healthy choices and put myself in situations where I can make those healthy choices,” she claimed.Smith did mention that as far as advice goes for what to eat, “a lot of it comes from portion control. You don’t have to eat perfect 24/7 as long as you eat ‘the good stuff’ in moderation.”

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