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Smarter Not Harder

When it comes down to it, everyone has to study if they want to be successful. Yes, some are naturally smart or test better than others, but to be truly successful, you have to study and have an established method specific to your strengths and needs.

Space it out  

Typically, it is not the best solution to try and cram everything from a whole semester into one night of studying, or even the days before finals. Your brain will literally go into overload. So, space out your studying and take breaks in between your sessions. According to USA Today distributed practice, spacing out studying is one of the most effective techniques. It is also advised that one should test practice to obtain the information being studied, according to USA Today.


Being able to sit in front of someone and clearly explain to that person what you have learned and how to apply it is a great way to ensure that you understand what you are learning. If you can accurately teach someone else a concept you are learning, then you can confirm that you have a clear understanding of the information you have been studying and will be tested over in the near or distant future.

 Don’t Stress

School is a stressful time, no matter how much you study. The key is to stay organized and to stay on top of your studies. Keeping a planner for when you need to study is a great strategy to keep up with all your classes, test dates and study sessions. Being able to mark off a task in a planner is a great accomplishment, and if you can put a checkmark in the box by studying, that is like killing two birds with one stone.

To be successful in school you have to study. Just going to class is never enough. Professors advise students to do a minimum amount of reading and studying outside of class and reading ahead helps students have a basic understanding of the topic before it is introduced during the class. This gives students the chance to be prepared with questions and have a general knowledge of the subject to get the most out of a lecture and­ take charge of their learning and academic experiences.

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