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Dealing with Migraines

What is a migraine?  A migraine is not just a bad headache. There are many incapacitating collection of neurological symptoms. Most who suffer from migraines experience throbbing pain on one side of their head. Smells, sounds and light can also become unbearable. Visual disturbances, tingling and/or numbness in the face, arms and hands are also very common.    My

Destress with dogs

Destress with dogs There is nothing quite like the feeling of pure happiness one feels when coming home after a long day and being greeted by his/her dog wiggling all over with glee. It is undeniable that hugging a dog results in immediate happiness and melts all the stresses of

Wednesdays at Abbey Underground on The Square

Get Over Hump Day with Jams Being a student at TWU, it’s only a matter of time before you hear somebody else talk about how little there is to do in Denton. Even though individuals are entitled to their opinion, this is simply not true. The Abbey Underground’s Open Jam Wednesdays

Six ways to help you fight stress

Stress isn’t good for anyone. More often than not, it creates more problems than it solves. It can also be tricky to get rid of. Here at The Lasso, we wanted to share some tips to shed the stress.   Healthy Body, Healthy Mind   You’ve heard that line a million times. But how

We are TWU…

These stories are a part of an in-depth series focusing on how labels define us, how we embrace them and how they create cages for us. The hot topics of gender, sex and race have been at the forefront of many social disagreements. The goal of this project was to

General Counsel: little known office plays key role

Nov. 5 through 11 is national Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week, but for one Texas Woman’s University department, ethics and compliance are the focus all year long. The Office of General Counsel, or OGC, ensures that TWU acts with integrity and complies with local, state and federal laws regulations and

Legacy of Dr. Jeffrey Robb Alive in TWU’s Soil

The late Dr. Jeffrey Robb had a passion for butterflies, and he had a significant collection of different species from all over the world: butterflies from the Amazon, Costa Rica and Australia.  He and his wife, Professor of History and Government Dr. Lybeth Hodges, worked diligently on a butterfly garden in

Higher Education: Cost Up, Funding Down

Growing up, most individuals are taught if they work hard and study they will get into a good college, and if individuals get into a good college then they will be successful in the future and be rewarded with a lucrative career.  However, the more time passes the more it seems

Volunteer to build positive community connections

Prospective undergraduate or graduate students should be dedicated to the community service projects and volunteer positions they contribute to for more reasons than “It will look good on my resume or application.” This is an opinion that does not attack individuals in any way, and it is actually something that I

Vegan Views: simple swaps for everyday foods

I know the idea of shopping as a vegan seems rather daunting, as most people just assume vegans only eat lettuce, but grocery shopping as a vegan can introduce you to many more foods and new recipes. Dairy-Free Alternatives: Almond, soy, cashew, rice and hemp milk are great replacements for dairy milk.

Drinking in Denton

It’s no lie that Denton is home to some pretty unique places to go after dark and catch a drink. However, if the crowded and loud bar isn’t your style check out some local brewhouses where you can easily walk to the bathroom and not have to wait in a

Giving Thanksgiving joy to others

Thanksgiving is a holiday that everyone looks forward to. It typically conjures up images of a roast turkey, a table full of yumminess and an apple pie to top it all off. However, Thanksgiving is not always easy for some people. Some cannot afford the Thanksgiving feast many of us take

Residing with a roommate

Whether you’re a first year student or a graduate student, having a roommate is something that everybody will  go through at various times in their lives. Here at TWU,  although many students are nontraditional, there is a large number of traditional first-year and sophomore students who call the TWU dorms

Students’ art highlighted

Although TWU is home to bright and intelligent students, it is also home to faculty and staff who work tirelessly to serve the students and uphold the university’s mission. The faculty and staff  members who make these programs possible hardly ever get recognition. However, this was not the case for John

Sydney Santschi: Writing a better future for herself

Senior English major Sydney Santschi lights up every classroom she is in. The joy Santschi receives through learning is infectious, and between her cheerful engagement with her classmates and her insistence on reading British poetry in a British accent, she appears to be the model of the successful student. In many

TWU strives to provide a military-friendly environment on campus

TWU is a university that embraces the non-traditional student, but it takes the extra step when it comes to supporting its veteran students; it has just been named a Military Friendly School for the eighth consecutive year.  TWU’s success in serving its student-veterans is due in large part to its remarkable

Keeping up with the Goals

The regular soccer season is coming to an end with just two games left. Finishing the regular season 6-8-4, the Pioneers have fought hard all season and will be facing West Texas A&M University in the first game of the Lone Star Conference Championship on Wednesday, Nov. 1 at 7 p.m.  On Sunday, Oct. 22, the Pioneers took