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Volunteer to build positive community connections

Prospective undergraduate or graduate students should be dedicated to the community service projects and volunteer positions they contribute to for more reasons than “It will look good on my resume or application.”

This is an opinion that does not attack individuals in any way, and it is actually something that I personally have been learning and working on. While stand-out applications are crucial for acceptance into competitive programs, I believe there should be more meaning behind the community service projects and volunteer positions that we all participate in.  Regardless of the work being done, you are playing a beneficial role within your community that may impact those around you more than you realize. 

If you volunteer to visit with senior citizens at a local nursing home, really take time to engage with them instead of going through the motion just to check off another hour of community service on your data sheet. 

If you are appointed a volunteer position within a student organization, exceed the bare minimum of expectation and dedicate yourself to the student members and any philanthropic effort involved. 

Ultimately, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing be 100 percent there and build  connections that will help you develop as an individual and give you another perspective on the world around you.   

You will realize the benefits from volunteering  go way beyond a bullet point on your resume, especially with strong, positve connections. 


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