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Destress with dogs

Destress with dogs

There is nothing quite like the feeling of pure happiness one feels when coming home after a long day and being greeted by his/her dog wiggling all over with glee. It is undeniable that hugging a dog results in immediate happiness and melts all the stresses of the day away. It is scientifically proven that patting a dog decreases cortisol levels which are released during stressful situations. Not only does patting a dog decrease cortisol levels, but increases oxytocin levels, proving that dogs decrease stress and increase happiness. Personally, I am used to having three excited wiggling dogs waiting to greet me at the door, but ever since I moved to Denton in August all I have is a fish wiggling wanting to be fed. Don’t get me wrong, fish are convenient pets that are suitable for college students, but I don’t feel immediately relieved of stress when I arrive home like I did when I was greeted by my dogs.  

How to hangout with dogs without the responsibility

Being in college does not have to be synonymous with being dog deprived. There are plenty of ways to get your fix without taking on the responsibility. Animal shelters are always looking for eager volunteers, so what better way to pat some dogs and help them find their forever homes. A great place to start volunteering in Denton is the Linda McNatt Animal Care and Adoption Center. After volunteering, if you find yourself needing more time spent with dogs, fostering puppies and dogs while they are in the process of finding their forever homes is a great option.


If you can handle the responsibility

If volunteering and fostering brings you joy, but you find yourself wishing you could take a dog home and make him/her part of your family, adoption is the way to go. Countless wonderful compainons are waiting in shelters and being fostered by adoption agencies all hoping to find their forever homes. Two adoption agencies based in Dallas that are good places to begin your search for that perfect pet are Dallas Pets Alive and the Legacy Humane Society So volunteer, foster, or adopt- happiness and less stress are the only side effects.

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