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Upcoming virtual reality movie

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By Amanda Hall, Reporter

Rated: R
Rated: R



On Friday, April 8th, a new kind of movie comes to theaters. “Hardcore Henry” is one of the first movies entirely filmed in the first person perspective. In this combat packed movie, the lead character Henry wakes up one day after suffering a traumatic injury and has no memory or voice. Like any other movie, there is a villain and a damsel in distress. However, you have to stay until the end to see the final plot twist.

What is most intriguing about this movie is the way it feels like a first person shooter video game. “Hardcore Henry” captures this feeling in a few different ways.

First person filming

The defining feature of this film is the first person view. Throughout much of the movie, all you see of Henry is his lower arms and hands.  At first, this made me a little uneasy due to the fast movement and rush of fear when it looks as if someone or something is coming straight at you. After a while, first person view becomes easier to watch.

“Hardcore Henry” may be one of the first that would be optimal for the up and coming virtual reality headsets such as Oculus Rift. Even better than 3D, Oculus Rift would be able to fully immerse the viewer in a movie filmed through the first person perspective. It is exciting to see where this movie may take us next in virtual reality.

The Videogame Plot

In the beginning, Henry wakes up with no memory, much like many other video games I’ve seen. From the start, Henry is led through the movie with a series of people guiding and instructing him. As the movie progresses, Henry gets better at his skills, much like a videogame character leveling up.  As a rough estimation, at least 50 percent of the movie is pure combat, hand-to-hand, complete with guns and flamethrowers. However unreasonable the guns and combat is in the movie, it is entertaining to watch in a morbid way.

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