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TWU SGA: By Pioneers for Pioneers

With an approximate enrollment of 15,000 students, as well as the nation’s largest university serving primarily women, TWU has become the home to a diverse and multicultural student body.  

Along with the varying individuals are varying experiences and needs that are expected to be met; one of the ways that TWU ensures that these needs are met is through the TWU Student Government Association.  

The Student Government Association is comprised of three separate parts: the TWU SGA, which acts as a governing body of the three branches, the TWU Student Senate, which deals specifically with student’s needs and directly handles student’s request, and lastly the TWU Student Organization Council, which is responsible for chartering all organizations on campus and providing funds when necessary.  

These three branches, under the stewardship of Kristopher Johnson, SGA president, serve as the main avenue by which students are connected to the campus resources. Much like the three branches of our national government, the three distinct parts of the TWU SGA must actively maintain open communications and work closely to ensure that all of the needs of the student population are met.  

Even though it might seem that there is a complexity of things TWU SGA is responsible for, Johnson claims that the main part of his job is to “connect students with the resources.” More times than not Johnson is simple the liaison between a struggling student and a TWU resource that is more than eager to help.  

 Aside from assisting and serving the TWU student body on a professional level, the TWU SGA is also constantly curating programs that help create an inclusive social environment; because even though “[they’re] about business [they] really like to have fun,” exclaims Johnson.  

 Lastly, Johnson asks the TWU population to stay connected through them through social media, @twusga, ensuring that everybody stays connected and informed about the different ways your campus can help you go where you want to be.  

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