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TWU named Military-Friendly for 10th consecutive year

Over the last 10 years, Texas Woman’s University has been recognized as a Military Friendly campus every single year. This is a title not many universities get the privilege of having, and TWU has had the honor of earning this recognition for 10 straight years. A Military Friendly college must be able to meet individual needs as well as offer military friendly support, a feat not accomplished by many schools. However, it is one that TWU has continuously achieved.

TWU has a long history of providing special services to those with a military background as a way of giving back to the ones who have sacrificed so much for the country. With a growing population of women in the enlisted forces in the United States, it is no secret as to why TWU places such a heavy emphasis on military friendly services. According to Amy Evans, the Director of Student Life Communications, 60 percent of the veteran population at TWU is female. For this reason, TWU has numerous opportunities for support and leadership that can be attractive to many female veterans to the campus. TWU provides the country’s military population with the chance to achieve a higher education in pursuit of finding other ways to further serve our nation.

A few of the many special services for veterans that TWU offers includes veteran recognition events, special training for faculty and staff to better support student veterans, dedicated space for military students, a Veterans Advisory Council as well as a TWU Student Veterans Association, veteran cords at commencement, study workshops, small class sizes, early course registration, College Credit for Heroes and more. Each of these services is in place to ensure that the military population here on campus is being well cared for and appropriately thanked for all they have done to serve their fellow Americans.

According to their website, Texas Woman’s University has the mission statement: “Educate a woman, empower the world.” In spirit of this, TWU reaches out to women of all backgrounds and begins cultivating diverse leaders from all walks of life. By being inclusive to women who have served our country in the military, TWU is able to reach out to an audience that often struggles to feel comfortable on a college campus. Many veteran students on TWU’s campus have made the observation that TWU not only makes veterans feel welcome but goes as far as providing leadership opportunities as well.

Texas Woman’s University works to provide veterans and their families with a higher quality life. The chance to give back to those who have already given so much is a responsibility that TWU does not take lightly and will continue to pursue in future years.

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