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TWU hosts 18th Annual Edible Car Contest

Heather Hines, Reporter

DSC_0101 copyOn Feb. 12 Hubbard Hall filled with 260 students ready to compete in the 18th Annual Edible Car Contest. Students from across north Texas in sixth through twelfth grade, as well as TWU students, were able to compete.

Teams had to meet the requirements of having fully edible and functional cars and a half female team. Awards included cash prizes and were given for the fastest, overall best, most nutritious, most unique use of ingredients, best smelling and best themed cars.

DSC_0098 copyProject Coordinator Anna Ryan in the office of the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences explained: “You’ll notice that the teams who do the best are the ones that are really passionate about their theme. They dress up in costume, they bring a poster board that explains their whole vision, they get very into it and I find that those teams do the best.”

Students worked diligently on cars before bringing them to the competition, many teams spending weeks building their cars. Students conduct countless trial runs and swap out ingredients constantly, testing which type of cookie works best for their wheels before bringing it to the contest.

DSC_0190 copyAlvarado Junior High School science teacher Ashley Crossing explained: “Often times girls sit there and they don’t think that they’re mechanical at all, but as soon as they’re exposed to it they want to sit there and be the ingenuitive person, they want to sit there and create something… they really look forward to getting an opportunity like this.” The requirement that half a team must be female was put in place to promote girls involvement in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education Coalition programs.

DSC_0153Ms. Crossing’s student, Breanna Stovall stated: “We thought it was a good way to work together and to actually build a car, to create something and work as a team.”

For a look at the winners of this year’s race check out the link at

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