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TWU adds lactation room to support breastfeeding mothers

TWU has turned one of the study rooms in the Blagg-Huey Library into a lactation room. 

On March 20, TWU earned the “Mother-Friendly Worksite” title for supporting breastfeeding mothers. This program was created in 1995 by the Department of State Health Services. According to the Texas Mother-Friendly website, “the Texas Mother-Friendly Worksite Initiative is nationally recognized by the Center for Training and Research Translation as a practice-tested intervention for Worksite Wellness.” The businesses that are a “mother-friendly worksite” support employees who choose to breastfeed while still attending work. 

The Texas Mother-Friendly Worksite website said, “Nursing mothers with Mother- Friendly employers are able to continue to provide their babies with breastmilk after returning to work, ensuring that they and their babies experience the full range of benefits that breastfeeding impairs.” Mothers tend to stop breastfeeding once returning to work, but having a designated room allows for the mother to continue to breastfeed while still maintaining a job. MFWP states that breastfed babies are healthier and are less likely to suffer from serious diseases. Allowing mothers to breastfeed at work also allows her baby to stay healthy, meaning the mother misses less work or school to aid a sick baby.

According to the TWU website, the criteria for these lactation rooms is that each room must have a private space, a clean water source/ sink and a clean area to store the breast milk. TWU offers a “Breastfeeding Your Baby While You Are Away” class each semester to help educate women and men on breastfeeding. This class is available at both Denton and Dallas campuses and available for video conference for the Houston campus. 

TWU employees, students and guests on all campuses are welcome to the breastfeeding support services. Mothers on campuses who are in need of the lactation room or information about breastfeeding are encouraged to contact the Office of Student Life on each campus. 

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