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Trump’s First 100 Days

Since taking office, President Trump has received plenty of criticism from the media and other politicians for his administration’s executive orders, statements to the press and his handling of White House staff.

On January 27, President Trump signed an executive order temporarily banning refugees and immigrants from seven Muslim nations from entering The United States. Opponents sued Trump over the legislation in a decision that was ultimately upheld by Federal Court of Appeals.

The administration plans to release a revised edition of the order that provides exemptions to those with visas, green-cards and dual-citizenships. U.S. Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly says the new order will ensure travelers are not caught in the system and detained at airports like the blocked executive order.

In defense of the travel ban, Trump and his administration have discussed a rise in terrorism around the world. The team mentioned debunked terrorist attacks including “Bowling Green Massacre” and most recently a terrorist attack in Sweden.

Swedes and Americans were both curious to understand what Trump was referring to when he mentioned Sweden in a list of nations that faced terrorist attacks. The Swedish embassy asked President Trump to clarify his statement. The President took to Twitter to clarify and respond to criticism. Though it is unclear whether the tweet serves as the White House’s official response.

Head of National Security Council’s Western Hemisphere division Craig Deare was fired after he criticized the administration’s interactions with Mexico as damaging to their relationship. This sparked controversy as opponents called the move a way to silence internal criticism of the administration. This termination was one week after National Security Advisor Michael Flynn resigned from his position after his ties with Russia were exposed.

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  1. Ethics like facts and truth are the definition of oxymoron when
    referring to the Trump administration. It’s the Trump era: facts don’t
    matter, truth is only opinion, and either can be dismissed with
    “Alternate Facts” AKA lies.

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