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Tailgate at TWU

Last Wednesday, the Student Government Association held a tailgate party before the soccer game against Texas A&M-Commerce.


What was it for?

The Student Organizations Council wanted to improve the attendance of students at the Pioneers’ games. By throwing this event, they hoped to gather a crowd for the Pioneers game that was playing that evening at 7 p.m. Vice President of External affairs at SOC Myah Anderson, said they also “charter and approve new student organizations, facilitate the annual charter renewals of student organizations, and provide chartered student organizations with program and leadership funding.”


Various student organizations were present with their members to enjoy a popcorn machine filled with buttery popcorn, music that was dropping a beat and some games, such as a giant Connect Four where students were using their logic with to outwit one another, a giant Jenga board where students were applying their intellect to stack and pull from the pieces, and many sandbags flew with precision as students tried to score with them in the game of cornhole.


What inspired this event?


Anderson explained, “We thought the tailgate would be a great way to get students and organizations at our athletic games to support our Pioneers, while also offering organizations the opportunity to promote their organization. We hope to make this an annual event to encourage student attendance at our athletic games in the coming years.”



Anderson made it clear that they would like to continue to do tailgate parties in the future. As long as students show an interest in attending these free events, they would love to do another one.



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