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Subverting marginalization: Representation matters

Graduate teaching assistant and PhD candidate Erika Johnson is a woman of color, sci-fi reader and Netflix watcher. A self-identifying Afro-Latina, Johnson’s parents made the crucial decision to move their family to America from Panama. The decision to leave wasn’t for lack of money or any ongoing war. In fact, Johnson

Following the family tradition

Senior Social Work major Kristen Hurst is a dedicated and compassionate individual. She is currently serving in the United States Reserves as a 1st. Class Petty Officer. From a young age, Hurst grew up wanting to be in the military. With her grandfather having served in the Army during World War

Karen Wylie is a student, mother and a leader

Senior General Studies major Karen Wiley is a non-traditional student who knows what she wants. Wiley makes it a point to be involved on campus in celebration of being a non-traditional student. Being President of Alpha Sigma Lamba and vice-president of the community council for Lowry Woods on top of having

Art student earns third solo show

A mix of figure paintings and metal work is what you will find in the graduate studio of Carrie Adamson-Riefler. Adamson-Riefler is obtaining a Masters of Fine Arts, with a concentration in painting and sculpture. She has had three solo shows since transferring from UNT during her undergraduate and currently