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Karen Wylie is a student, mother and a leader

Senior General Studies major Karen Wiley is a non-traditional student who knows what she wants.

Wiley makes it a point to be involved on campus in celebration of being a non-traditional student. Being President of Alpha Sigma Lamba and vice-president of the community council for Lowry Woods on top of having a family to take care of makes for a busy life for Wiley. “Taking care of children is being a taxi driver, cooking, making sure that they have supervision and still having to do my homework, research, go to class, go to meetings and go to mandatory events,” Wiley said of her experience as a student and mom.

Wiley feels positively about her transition from traditional to non-traditional student, saying: “There’s a lot of benefits; it’s life skills, life experience. [Being a non-traditional student] helps me in the classrooms because I can look back at things I’ve done in my previous classes. In my classes, I’ve experienced a lot of events or witnessed events that have helped me immensely.”

From her personal experience Wiley feels that TWU does a great job of making the experiences of students from all walks of life good ones. Wiley, however, recognizes that improvement can always be made, saying: “The childcare is not as accessible because it’s only for elementary school – kindergarten through fifth grade or through age 12. So, the other non-traditionals that have little children and babies are left out of that.” Regardless of any concerns Wiley has, she feels that the career planning and help of the C.A.R.E programs have been paramount to her success as a student.

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