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Softball Q&A

When student athletes graduate, the TWU community is always sad to see them go, so during their last season The Lasso snagged four seniors for an interview.

Lasso: What has been one of your favorite memories from your softball career at TWU?

Infielder Morgan Harrison: “Coach dancing on the bus after we sweep. That’s been the most hilarious.”

Lasso: What would you say is your proudest moment?

Pitcher Hailey Dixon: “Beating West Texas [University] 0-4.”

Infielder Katy Stephens: “Beating Angelo 3-4 last year, that was great.”

Lasso: Do you have any personal moments you’re proud of?

Utility player Nicole Nordie: “Personally I like the team achievements, I don’t care much about my individual goals.”

Stephens: “That’s really what we focus on a lot here. Coach, she really emphasizes how much the team means and not our goals because no one remembers you, they remember what the team did.”

Lasso: Why did you decide to sign with TWU your senior year of high school?         

Stephens: “The atmosphere when I came here. One of the seniors took me on a tour and atmosphere and how much people can relate to you and they really care about your experiences and what you’re going to take from here. It really felt like a home more than any other school did.”

Lasso: What has been one of the hardest obstacles to overcome as a team?

Harrison: “I think it’s hard to be cohesive because we all have different talents and it’s really hard to put them all together, so I think once the team becomes cohesive that’s the biggest obstacle to overcome.

Dixon: “Adapting to the new environment. I went to central my first year and adapting to the new environment and how they do things here and how they coach things here is a hard thing to adapt to.”

Lasso: What advice would you give to someone contemplating playing softball for TWU?

Nordie: “They have good coaches, they have a good atmosphere, a good community.”
Stephens: “Be open to new ideas.”

Harrison: “They play the game different here than other schools, be coachable.”

Lasso: Reflecting on your time playing for TWU do you have any closing remarks?

Harrison: “I think the friendship here is a really big part of it because we never would have met. We literally spend every day together and some of us never would have met. We’re lifelong friends. The friendships we’ve built together while playing together are really, really cool.”


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