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Seven ways to stay on top of your New Year’s resolutions

There are two types of people:

  1. Those who believe in the power of New Year’s resolutions, and those who 
  2. Don’t

For those who don’t, this might not be your kind of thing. However, for those who do, you’ve landed yourself in the right place. 

If there’s anything more difficult than getting back into the office after New Year’s Day, it’s sticking to the new lifestyle changes you might have set for yourself for the upcoming year. People oftentimes don’t stick to their resolutions due to lack of motivation of interest. Luckily, I’m here to prevent either of those from happening.

Here are seven easy tips for helping you stay dedicated to reaching your New Year’s goals. These simple words of advice can guide you to remain focused and determined in achieving those resolutions. They may even get you where you’ve been aiming at sooner!

  1. Be clear and specific

The last thing anyone would want is to be confused by guidelines that they’ve written for themselves. To make things easy to understand, jot down the resolutions as they come and put detail into the rules and regulations as well as the desired end goals. 

  1. Start small

Lifestyle adjustments may take a little bit of getting-used-to, so in order to avoid getting overwhelmed by the change, beginning the journey with baby steps can help with the transition. It may also lower the chances of failing to abide by the resolutions. 

  1. Allow yourself some leeway in the beginning

Making the rules too strict could also possibly lead to a major bump in the road. Keeping things manageable and forgivable can also allow lessen feelings of guilt when things might not go as planned.

  1. Gain the support of others

Surrounding yourself with outside reinforcement from family and friends can act as a 

motivator and help you reach your goals with added confidence and ease. 

  1. Be patient

It’s important to remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Don’t feel discouraged 

because of a seemingly lack of progression. Chances are, you’re just working so well, the 

universe is having a hard time catching up!

  1. Stay optimistic

Think of it more as a learning experience than a lifetime burden of trying to reach those goals. Looking forward to the potential results defeats any doubts and reluctancy. You can do this!

  1. Remember that you’re doing this for you

These resolutions shouldn’t involve anyone else’s expectations and desires that are not your own. Understanding that achieving these goals should be only a reflection of what you wanted for yourself.

Hopefully, these six viable bits of advice can assist you on the route to a new you! May this be the year of successfully achieved New Year’s resolutions. 

Gakenia Njenga can be reached via email

Featured image by Angelica Monsour.

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