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Review: “Dynasty” final season was stunning, but not as legendary as original

After five years of dramatic and insane storylines, CW’s reboot of “Dynasty” comes to a bittersweet but expected end. 

Throughout its five-season run, “Dynasty” started out as a show that played homage to the original 1980s Dynasty. The reboot of “Dynasty” paved the way for a new, modern take on the hit 80’s show by casting actors who are people of color, representing the LGBTQ community through many beloved characters, and having strong, independent female characters that showcase a sense of female empowerment for a whole new generation of women. As the show progressed, it became confusing and overwhelming, due to its major cast changes and baffling plots.

The fifth and final season partly made up for the disappointment it has given the viewer for the past three seasons, there were still some aspects of the show that made no sense and lacked the dramatic, legendary feel that the original “Dynasty” had and continues to do so to this day.

The sublime plots that were included in this season included the Cristal Carrington (Daniella Alonso) doppelganger plot, where her brother replaced her with a lookalike named Rita, and the introduction of Blake Carrington’s (Grant Show) brother, Ben Carrington (Brett Tucker). These two plot lines were an amazing part of this season because they were both well written and were a popular storyline in the original show. 

Another part of this show that was eloquent was the character development of Alexis Morell Carrington Dexter’s (Elaine Hendrix). When the show started, she started as a character that desired to get her place back in society and her family back together. In this season, she finally got her happily ever after and married Dex Dexter (Pej Vahdat) (one of the popular characters from the original series), and is now on decent terms with her daughters, Fallon (Elizabeth Gillies) and Amanda Carrington (Eliza Bennett). 

Another well written storyline this season was Fallon’s marriage to Liam (Adam Huber), and her fertility struggles. At the end of the last season, their marriage was in turmoil but both were able to get through that phase and were able to come out stronger than ever from that obstacle during this season. But, the surprising news of her infertility brought a sense of sympathy towards her character as many women can relate to her struggles, and the storyline will help spread awareness towards this topic.

Whilst, the best part of this season is Cristal’s character development because she transformed into a better person, which helped make viewers love her anymore. This season, she inherited her family’s company, rebuilt her relationship with her husband, Blake, and gained the confidence she lost after losing her baby in season two, which made her a well beloved character in the series, and gave a nostalgia feel that the legendary Linda Evans did during the run of the original “Dynasty.”

Although the sour chunk of the show included boring characters that no longer needed to be on the show, Michael Culhane (Robert Christopher Riley), Sam Jones (Rafael de la Fuente) and Kirby Anders (Maddison Brown). At this point in the show, there is no purpose for Michael to be on the show after the end of his engagement to Fallon in season two. While the same goes for Sam because there was no use for his character to be on the show after the end of his marriage to Fallon’s brother, Steven (James Mackay). 

And another useless character is Kirby. Towards the middle of season four, her father, Joseph Anders (Alan Dale), was killed in a car accident. Joseph played a major role in the show as Blake’s butler and right hand man, which made some sense for why she should still appear on the show, but after his death, there made no sense for Kirby to still be on the show, even with the unnecessary storylines they give her. This simply shows that the characters only kept them around to attempt to add spice to the show, although failing to do so miserably in the process.

And yet, the worst part of the show this season was the acting of Michael Michele. The way that Michelle potrays Dominique Deveraux is a complete abomination to the marvelous legacy to the character, in which Dihann Carroll potrayed  in the original Dynasty. Michelle’s portrayal of the reboot’s Dominique is just disgraceful because she portrays the character as cheap, crude, tacky, and a woman who has no class, as opposed to the Carroll’s version.

In the end, the revival of “Dynasty” was stunning in its own way, but not as legendary as the original Dynasty was. With the modern take of the first soap opera, the female empowerment shown through the series, the majority of wonderful storylines, and partly superb acting, the show was adequate in its own right.

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  1. Anna Anna May 30, 2023

    I absolutely want season 6 for Dynasty! Loved it

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