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‘Living With Yourself’ blends humor and heartthrob

A supposedly relaxing and recollective spa day takes quite the left turn for Miles Elliot, who’d felt as though his life had become nothing short of mundane and lackluster. 

Netflix’s new series “Living With Yourself” narrates the hilariously unfortunate events that ensue when main character Miles decides to try and spice up his life for the better.

The show really caught my attention with its trailer, which gave me a little snippet of the series’ unusual but intriguing plot. Usually, ambiguous and vague trailers don’t reel me in, but something about watching two mysterious Paul Rudds fight for survival in the company of a sentimental credenza proved its potential enough for me to click Watch Now.

The show flawlessly blended the perfect amount of humor and heartstring-tugging material that made up for the fact that it was only eight episodes long. Even with an open-ended finale that leaves interpretation for the viewers, it still manages to feel complete and fulfilling. 

What I especially liked about the show was the music arrangement, which really enhanced the obscurity and madness that occurred within each scene. Every time I heard the spine-tingling crescendo of the easily distinguishable scattered and staccatoed notes, I immediately knew something good was about to happen. I’m always a sucker for a good musical score.

I also couldn’t help but appreciate and find the quirkiness in the show’s title for how blunt and bona fide it actually happened to be. The fact that Miles Elliot was literally living with…another Miles Elliot gets me every time. 

Overall, I would 10/10 recommend “Living With Yourself” for its fresh and endearing plot. It’s a show that I have, admittedly, watched more than once just because of its great writing, interesting characters and advancing storyline that keeps you at the edge of your seat. It is definitely a Netflix gem.

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  1. Irish Ong Irish Ong November 8, 2019

    What’s up with clone films this year..Yay or Nay? Netflix’s Living with Yourself and Gemini Man reviewed side by side!

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