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Letter from the editor: Our new normal

Welcome back, Pioneers!

It’s a new semester and campus looks a lot different than it did just a few months ago. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to adjust, reevaluate, and reimagine what we once considered commonplace, recognizing that the normal we knew has been forever altered. 

The student newspaper has not been immune to the changes that have reshaped our world – and we understand your needs as readers have changed, too. As our staff turns to more virtual reporting methods, we are also shifting our focus so we can bring you the news that matters most to you. 

Among the biggest changes we’re implementing this semester is the move to entirely digital content. While we previously printed physical newspapers once per month and delivered new content weekly online, we recognize that there are fewer students on campus than perhaps ever before during a long semester. We also realize the importance of reducing touch, so we believe delivering content entirely online every day at is the most efficient way to get members of the TWU community the news they need. 

You might have noticed our logo and website got a facelift, too. Simple and streamlined, we hope this reflects our philosophy of straightforward, accessible content. 

We’re also increasing our commitment to reach readers across a range of platforms. From article summaries on Instagram to live-tweeting news as it’s happening, we’re innovating how we tell stories to meet audiences where they are. You can find us on social @twulasso.

We’re cutting back on some of the lighter content we’ve provided in the past, like staff opinions, op-eds and quizzes, to put more resources toward delivering impactful news. While there is still a place for fun content on our website, we recognize that our resources are best used advocating for students through conversations with campus leaders and information dissemination.  

We’re renewing our commitment to bring you TWU-focused content you can’t get anywhere else. While TWU is very much a part of the wider Denton community, we know you turn to The Lasso for news exclusive to campus life and your experience as a student, staff or faculty member. Student government meetings, campus crime, student groups, campus policies – these are the areas we plan to focus on most this year. 

Also new this semester are special editions. We’ll print two special editions throughout the semester that will take a deep dive into the topics that matter most to the TWU community. As we figure out what this new project will look like, we’ll be reaching out to you, our readers, for input on what you’d most like to see in those editions.

As always, we want to maintain open lines of communication with our campus community. If you have questions you want to see answered, story ideas, or want to write a letter to the editor, please don’t hesitate to fill out our contact form or reach us at Anonymous tips are welcome. We’re eager to hear from you!

There’s no doubt we’re all still adjusting to the massive changes that have turned our nation and our community on its head this year. Whatever comes next, we’re committed to bringing you the information you need so we can navigate this new normal, and the challenges that come with it, together.

Amber Gaudet can be reached at or on Twitter at amb_balam.

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