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Lady Gaga delivers great half time show

Despite the Dallas Cowboys not making it to Super Bowl LI, I did turn on the game and Lady Gaga’s performance was one of the only reasons I vaguely watched.

Excited to watch Lady Gaga’s halftime show after her phenomenal, patriotic performance of the National Anthem last year, the thirteen-minute show was not entirely long enough, in my opinion. Albeit short and sweet, Lady Gaga was able to maximize on the limited time allotted. Starting the show with “God Bless America” and “This Land is Your Land” standing on the roof of the stadium, Gaga’s introduction continued the patriotic theme from her National Anthem performance a year ago. Although many speculated that Lady Gaga would use her platform to initiate some form of protesting, if there were any political statements, they were subtle and tasteful.

Back on the field, Gaga continued to ignite the crowd with a combination of choruses from her greatest hits such as “Poker Face,” “Just Dance,” “Bad Romance” and “Telephone.” Bringing it down just a notch, she took a seat at the piano and sung one of her newer songs, “Million Reasons.” At the beginning, she even managed to give a shout-out to her dad. After a phenomenal performance, it only seemed fitting that she ended the show with a strut up a staircase, dropped her mic once she reached the top and caught a football while jumping down to a trampoline. Of course, video memes of her jump became immediately on Facebook and other social media.

The outfits chosen were a step down from Lady Gaga’s usual eclectic attire, yet they fit her signature style. Beginning the show with a crystal bodysuit, matching high-heel boots and facial rhinestones, she added a spiked, golden jacket while playing a keytar. Finishing out the show in the perfect, white and jeweled football-like shoulder pads crop-top ensemble with matching briefs, I appreciated Lady Gaga showing her body even if she doesn’t have the chiseled abs look that society demands. Already catching flak for ‘daring’ to show her minimal portion of flab, Gaga’s fans were quick to not only come to her defense, but also supported every one who may have body image issues. This helped enforce Gaga’s intentions to create a performance full of acceptance and inclusion.

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