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Global Care Week promises diversity

Dallas Student Life is preparing for an amazing event the week of Oct. 17-20. Program Coordinator at Dallas Center for Student Life Taylor Dukes, explains the event: “The purpose of Global Care Week is to help prepare future healthcare professionals to be culturally competent practitioners. Student Life and the Counseling Center hosts some form of this workshop series each semester and we are constantly updating the formats and topics to best meet the specific needs of Dallas students. While we want students to grow personally in their appreciation and understanding of the importance of multiculturalism, diversity and social justice, we also know that our students are looking for additional resources to help support their current course/field work.”

Multiple events will span next week, beginning on Oct. 17 at 12 p.m., with an event guided by Hamaria Crockett, the Career Connection Consultant for the Dallas campus. Crockett has an extensive interest in diversity trainings and programs and will discuss providing culturally competent healthcare to women of color and the specific healthcare disparities facing the population and strategies on how to improve their professional practice.

On Oct. 18, students can participate in the “Women of Color Coffee Break,” for some networking and mingling. Then on the nineteenth, students will explore the privilege and power that exists in healthcare, during a workshop facilitated by Director of the Dallas Counseling Center Dr. Linda Louden.

Finally, Oct. 20 will be dedicated to the TWU Ally Program to provide support to the LGBTQIA+ community on campus and training all individuals in strategies for advocacy.

Duke says: “We hope students are able to have authentic, impactful conversations about the importance of equitable and accessible healthcare from a diverse, global perspective. We want them to leave the Global Care programs with tangible ways to grow personally and professionally.”

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