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Getting out and active

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Outdoor Nation is a great way to get active and help TWU win the title of National Outdoor Champion. This year will mark the third year of TWU participating against 100 other schools from around the U.S. Starting Sept. 18 and continuing through Oct. 15 students, faculty, staff and the TWU community can help log activity to help us get the title. 

To register under TWU, first download the Outdoor Nation App and choose the Texas Woman’s University team. Once you have the app on either the Apple or Google Play Store, get active. Log all of you activities done in the app and try to compete against friends or other students across the nation through the app. By logging your activity you can win fun outdoor prizes, many companies like The North Face, Eno, Hydro Flask, Fitbit, and more are participating in giving away prizes. 

Outdoor Nation was created to help students live a more active lifestyle in a more fun way besides just working out in a gym.

As students we tend to put off working out because we live such a busy life. Students are always running from class to work fIn order to not be broke and then back home to study.  Through this app you can easily log any activity performed, even walking from class to class can be logged and put towards winning the title. 

If you like to hunt or fish, you can log those times by snapping a picture and uploading it to the app. Biking, climbing (indoor or outdoor), camping and even hammocking are just a few of the activities you can log into the Outdoor Nation app for points. Be sure to have a picture of you actually doing whatever activity you are logging that way you get full credit. 

If you are willing to do a little extra walking or some fun activities outside,  be sure to sign up for Outdoor Nation and help TWU reach our goal of becoming the National Outdoor Champion for the first time. 

Richard Louv brought light to the idea that children were becoming disconnected with nature in 2005 by publishing Last Child in the Woods. Many people took notice to this and started events to get children out into nature. Outdoor Nation was created for millennials, so in 2010 the first Outdoor Nation Summit was held in Central Park of New York. 500 participants ranging in ages from 18 to 28 attended from all 50 states according to Outdoor Nation. This was the start of the movement to get children out of the house and into nature.

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