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Five ways to challenge Trump

TWU students who are dissatisfied with President Donald Trump’s actions regarding refugees and immigrates may be asking themselves what they can do to help these populations of people and oppose Trump’s actions. Here are five ways “The Campus with a Heart” can get involved.

  1. Donating

    The organizations mentioned above need donations to support their cause as well as United Nations International Childrens Emergency Funds Child refugee fund which helps get medical aid, food, water, shelter and education to children in immediate need. Doctors Without Borders also responds to humanitarian medical crises around the globe and in areas where refugees and internationally displaced people need lifesaving care. Even though college students are not typically wealthy ,we can usually find 20 extra bucks a month to donate to people in need.

  2. Volunteering in Texas

    Apply to work with the Refugee Services of Texas to help refugees learn English, search for jobs, find housing, attain legal counsel, navigate local transportation, teach cultural orientation classes and more. The International Rescue Committee also allows volunteers to mentor refugee families and help refugees develop interview skills and find jobs.

  3. Shopping

    Buy goods that are made by refugees. Support refugees who have relocated to the U.S. by buying the products they make. Prosperity Candle is an organization that employees female refugees to create handmade candles, soaps, gift baskets and more, giving them a source of livelihood.

  4. Writing

    Contact your congressional representatives. Write letters, call, email or try to schedule face-to-face meetings and tell them how you want them to represent your interests. Denton’s representative Michael Burgess has an office only 20 minutes from campus. Representatives who do not make their constituents happy do not get reelected, so turn on the heat and let them know your feelings.

  5. Protesting

    Federal judges blocked Trump’s travel ban after peaceful protests took place across the nation in international airports. So, when the time comes again do not be afraid to head to DFW Airport, or any other public space and show Trump what you think of his next controversial move.

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