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Fall intramural sports

studying, preparing for quizzes and tests, and a considerable amount of stress. Somewhere in between, leisure time can be beneficial to take a break and refocus after a few hours. 

The Fitness and Recreation Center is a great student resource to utilize when you find yourself stuck on a homework assignment or dozing off while reading a chapter. Not only is it a top-notch workout facility, the Fit and Rec also offers open gym every night of the week and will begin intramural sports as early as Sept. 20. 

Intramural sports are open to all TWU students, faculty and staff and are a great way to meet new people. The leagues, which generally last for four to six weeks, cost $10. After every team plays against one another, the top four teams participate in a championship playoff. Talented players are also selected to play in an “All-Star” game at the end of the season. Student officials enforce guidelines and rules pertaining to each respective sport. The general rule for each of the coed leagues includes having no more male players on the court than females. 

To register for intramurals, players can sign up an entire team, or simply sign up individually to go on a free agents team. 

Intramurals begin with three flag football leagues and three outdoor soccer teams – coed, Women’s and Men’s. The deadline to sign up for each of them is Sept. 13 and play will begin starting the week of Sept. 20. The coed flag football teams will play on Mondays and the coed soccer teams will play on Mondays. The flag football Women’s and Men’s teams will play on Wednesdays. Women’s and Men’s soccer leagues will play on Thursdays. 

Three volleyball leagues are coed and will begin play the week of Oct. 18, with a sign-up deadline of Oct. 11. The recreation league is designed for beginner and intermediate level players who will play 6 vs. 6. The elite league is played with four players on each side and is scheduled for Tuesday nights, with the recreation league. The final volleyball league, competitive, is designed for intermediate to advanced players and is played 6 on 6. 

There are also several tournaments the Fit and Rec are offering this semester – kickball, dodgeball, sand “volloween,” softball and 3 on 3 basketball. The specifics on these tournaments are available on the intramural sports tab on the Fit and Rec website: 

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