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Volunteer opportunities on campus and in Denton

Texas Woman’s University has an abundance of opportunities for students to volunteer and give back to the community. There are many organizations devoted solely to volunteering and service and programs that require students to have a certain amount of volunteer hours such as the Athenian Honor Society and the TWU Athletics Program. 

“It can help you learn about issues in the community you may have never thought about,” Caitlyn Cutcomb, vice president of in-person volunteer projects for Helping Hands Service Ambassadors, said. “It can also be a good way to meet a lot of new people. You get to experience stuff that you normally never did and it can just really open your eyes to stuff that you never thought about.” 

Helping Hands Service Ambassadors

Helping Hands is an on-campus organization that focuses on promoting civic engagement through service opportunities. 

Helping Hands has an executive board made up of eight members. The events hosted by the organization are promoted on Pioneer Engage. 

In order to encourage civic engagement, Helping Hands organizes service events for people of all interests and expertise. 

“My job is mainly just to learn as much as I can about those opportunities and then convey it to our members and make it as easy as possible to participate,” Cutcomb said. “When I post volunteer opportunities I try my best to include things that are pretty good for everyone and you wouldn’t have to have a specific skill set in order to do.”

Helping Hands has volunteer opportunities for the remainder of the semester posted on Pioneer Engage. 


Lovepacs is an organization that is dedicated to helping food-insecure children in the community. Their mission is to provide food to children who would otherwise go without during holidays and breaks when they do not have access to school lunch. 

Volunteers for Lovepacs will sort, shelve, count and pack boxes of food during food drives throughout the year.

LovePacs also accepts food and monetary donations. In Denton, donators can pick up a box from the addresses listed on the Lovepacs website; fill it with the list of food items required such as boxes of cereal, boxed meals, applesauce, and more; and then return it. 

Serve Denton

Serve Denton is a non-profit organization that provides assistance to other service organizations. Serve Denton provides information about other local organizations and will allow them to use the Serve Denton Center for service events here in Denton. 

The purpose of the Serve Denton website is to help people in need find services easily. Their mission is to make help accessible for everyone in the city. 

Serve Denton networks with other organizations like the Denton Community Food Center, Health Services of Denton, Refuge for Women and others. 

Since Serve Denton is a non-profit organization, they utilize volunteers regularly and accept donations of different varieties. Volunteer opportunities can be found on the Serve Denton website. 

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