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Woman-owned business finds a home in Denton

Denton, Texas is heralded as a city for the arts with shows, concerts, craft fairs and pop-up markets happening constantly. There are many businesses big and small from Denton to check out. One of these is FernGully Sticker Company, a fully woman-owned and operated business. 

Meghan Butler is the owner of FernGully Sticker Co. Inspired by “The Last Forest,” Butler took on the name and made her sticker company. For Butler, just starting the business was one of her biggest trials. 

“I knew I wanted to make stickers, but I didn’t know how,” Butler said. “I didn’t know if I could or if it was worth the effort because I wasn’t confident enough in myself to think anyone else would enjoy them.” 

However, Butler found her support system and pushed through. 

“Other people inspired me to create my business,” Butler said. “I’ve always had some sort of art project going on, always creating. It’s what I love to do, and my partner helped me realize I could share that with others.” 

Butler makes a myriad of things from art prints, water bottles, mugs and stickers.

 “Stickers are the foundation of my business,” Butler said. “They are my favorite as they have the most of me in them because I draw and create all of my own designs. I still have the graveyard of the first stickers I tried to make. It reminds me of where I’ve been, and how far I’ve come.” 

Oftentimes Butler can be seen at vendor markets in downtown Denton, but she does keep up an online shop on Etsy. However, Butler does in-person markets in Denton often too.

“Seeing the reactions of people, the laughs and stories they share at my table when products I’ve worked hard to make remind them of good times and memories,” Butler said. “It inspires me to keep creating and moving forward. To share myself through my work with them so I can see their smiles, hear their laughs and know their stories.” 

Butler hopes to see her company become her full-time job. 

“I want to continue creating and bringing joy to others through my work,” Butler said. “I’ve always struggled finding fulfillment in other paths and I now know my business and what it brings to myself and others is what I was meant to do. I hope to continue to grow, to learn and share with others.” 

Butler said some advice she could give to other women looking to become entrepreneurs is to trust yourself. 

“Trust in your own power to carve out the life that you want to live and to achieve your goals,” Butler said. “Use fear and uncertainty to your advantage. Be loud, be stubborn, be your own cheerleader.”

Feature photo courtesy of Meghan Butler

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